About Us

Established in 1990, we have been delighting our client base for over 22 years. We know just how fundamental a reliable, robust and 'fit for purpose' ICT infrastructure is to the day to day efficient running of your office. Time is money, and we recognise that you  need to be completely confident that there will be an expert on hand 365, 24/7 who can provide a full package of virtual and in-person support to ensure you are kept 'connected'. Please take a look at some of the comments posted by current clients under the 'Recommendations' tab.

With our business know-how we take the time to understand how your business operates and offer a free and comprehensive network audit to ensure we put in place the right solution for you. As part of the audit, we will look at the amount of data you create daily, your data back-up, broadband width, server capability, cabling infrastructure, number of desktops, email exchange, spam issues etc. We will evaluate and advise on appropriate support and/or system maintenance, including back-up architecture and disaster recovery plan.

By choosing SD Management Services, you'll benefit from:

  • The support of an in-house IT department without the costs
  • Faster performance, fewer glitches, and practically zero downtime.
  • Ability to budget for network support just like business rent or insurance
  • Significant performance improvements accessing your data, email and web
  • Hardware will be guaranteed with SD Management Services parts and labour promise

Technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year

Competitive quotes for IT hardware

  • Continuity of service from a committed professional who you will come to view as an invaluable part of your team